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"To us, each customer is unique and every space requires also a unique different scenery!
Our main concern is for every lighting to create a distinctive atmosphere!" - F+M FOS

There is an anthropocentric character into our creations. We are inspired by the Sun, the Nature and the  Man - the 3 interrelated elements of Life. Without the Sun there can be no Nature and, without Nature, there can be no Man.

And that is reason for using materials - apart from metals - such as leaf of Gold 14k, leaf of Silver and Copper, as well as Brown's oxidations that refer to the earth's surface. Additional materials used are metallic nets, thorns, precious and semiprecious stones. The abstract Idea of F+M FOS is for every space to be illustrated by a theatricality with a strong artistic character.

 Our handmade creations include table lamps, ceiling light fixtures, sconces and floor lamps, which can be altered in size and color depending on the choices / needs of the customer, since the company's purpose is to satisfy even the most demanding buyer.

The customer actively participates in this whole process and is "initiated" into the philosophy of F+M FOS in a direct and active way.
"Our work is about our mood and reaction to stimuli - which may have a sociological origin or, simply, an impulse from the Dream world where the subconscious dictates the Truth or Lie of a reality.
Inspiration, as a result of these stimuli, drives expression through creation - that's why each lighting tells a different story or is a continuation of another (hence the creation of different Collections).
Connecting the artist to a customer is like a transmitter with a receiver - in order to be able to "communicate" with the customer, we first accept as a receiver the calls of his/her soul. And then, we create.. And the customer then becomes the recipient of our own offer - thus, we are all "winners", since communication between us becomes a connecting link in the chain of our Dreams. That's why our customers are not simply "customers" but communicating vessels of beneficence and positive thinking and our relationship lasts for years!"

The F+M FOS catalogue is heterogeneous in both style and proposals, with the possibility of decorating any space, from a house to an office and from a simple hallway to a gallery. The artistic quality of the construction and the know-how of its specialized staff place the company among others of global prestige, renders it unique in its field and with the ability to carry out the most important challenges, to encourage experimentation and to propose a completely different point of view to live with, free from stereotypes.

"The greatest success comes when you can provide your services through what you really love.. And what we love very much is the expression of our customers when they see what they have been dreaming of for the first time and feeling that it came into being - there we know that their soul is filled with positive energy, which they will also channel into the space they live in every day!
Yes, we are happy and completely satisfied when we "work" on each different project because each customer is DIFFERENT and that's where the real CHALLENGE is!!" - F+M FOS






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